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Property Tax Reduction & Appeals

Though many citizens do not like the fact that they must pay property tax, it is a necessary tax that every property owner is obligated to pay. However, it is possible for you to navigate the property tax processes and procedures while having a full understanding of the reasons behind your payment of this tax. At Fox Law Practice, we strive to help clients understand their rights and options regarding the payment of a residential and/or commercial property tax.

At Fox Law Practice, we are dedicated to assisting clients throughout the assessment process to ensure that they are paying the proper amount of property tax. We also seek reductions if a client is shown to have been paying too much in property taxes. Our firm enlists the assistance of other professionals whenever necessary to aid in our review process.

Please contact a Chicago property tax lawyer at Fox Law Practice to help reduce your property tax.

A free initial consultation is offered so you can discuss your specific case and needs with Fox Law Practice .